First things first, you need to decide what video you're going to start with.

See if something from the list below works for you. 

Content Marketing Videos

Content Marketing Videos

Videos in this entry level category usually require less than an hour or two to shoot and they are more cost effective because of this.

+ Testimonial Videos

This extremely popular video format is a great way to start your video marketing journey. While only requiring an hour of shooting, testimonial videos have the ability to communicate the great affect your company has on its customers.

+ Explainer Videos

Typically this type of video features a single subject explaining a topic in front of the camera. Edited like a “vlog” this type of video gives you the ability to visually engage your target audience. These videos are usually less than three minutes in length.

+ Social Content Videos

If your company sold used cars, maybe create a video about a home remedy for getting stains out of your upholstery seating.

+ Product Review Videos

For when you need to give a personable and in depth view of your product.

+ Internal Communication Videos

From staff training videos to announcements and culture building. Try using video to get through to your staff.

Branding Video Production

Branding Video

A branding video deploys precise planning and advanced video techniques to create an ultra high quality promotion. These videos are generally more expensive and require several days or weeks of planning, filming and editing.

+ Company Profile Videos

Defines your business using video, typically more informative than entertaining and no more than 90 seconds in length.

+ Corporate Promotional Videos

Defines your business while focusing more on narrative and entertainment value. Typically no more than 90 seconds in length.

+ Recruiting Videos

These are intended to catch the eye of your target prospects. Communicate what your company’s culture is all about with this type of branding video.

Audio Gear Flatlay

Other Video Ideas

Videos come in all shapes and sizes.

+ Event Videos

Typically this requires one or more videographers to capture footage of the event and speakers at the event. Then a highlight film is produced using clips and sound bites from the event. This video is usully around 1:30 - 2:00 minutes long

+ Documentaries

One of our favorites to produce, this style of video can give your customers a practical and emotional view of your business or organization. Video length can range from 30 seconds to 90 minutes.

+ Facebook Video Advertisements

Did you know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound (source). We ensure that your video is created with its marketing implimentation in mind.

+ Linkedin Video Advertisements

Personally, we think that Linkedin is going to be the next great way to market for your company. "While currently only 38% of marketers share video content on LinkedIn, three-quarters of them reported it to be a successful tactic" - Hubspot 2018

+ Snapchat and Instagram Video Advertisements

These videos need to be shot and formatted especially for their intended platform.

+ Custom Ideas

The list certainly doesn't end. Any idea can truly come to life with the right video company and the right amount of collaboration.



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