Not All Video is Created Equal

R.O.I., Bottom Line, Profit. Like it or not, this matters to your business. It's the difference between meeting your goals and getting the bonus. Now if you've been marketing in marketing very long, by now you know that brilliant video has conversion abilities that are borderline mystic. Hyperfine Media reported video increasing conversion likelihood by up to 80%, email CTR by 200-300%, and 90% of users reported video as being helpful in the decision-making process. Video sells. Great. But not all video is created equal. What should you look for when creating a video for your business? We’re glad you asked.

A few key items to seek out in your video production that will help increase engagement, help your prospects imagine themselves using your product and drive that all-powerful ROI.

“The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.“

-George Lucas


Alex BentzingerComment