How To Create A Better Customer Experience For Your Video Company


10 Ways To Improve Your Client Experience For Your Video Company

From beginning to finish, make your brand seem really unique and premium. Focus way in on customer experience.

Here are 10 Ways You Can Improve Your Customers Experience With Your Video Company

1. Put their Logo In Stuff

2. Have your meetings in cool and interesting locations.

3. Use some of their ideas in the video planning / production process - let them show you videos that they like.

4. Add them on Instagram and Facebook

5. Complete the project ahead of schedule

6. Send your clients a preview before its done

7. Tell them how it's going at least once a week

8. Give them several ways to pay and make the money side of it really clear.

9. Send your clients a gift.

10. Be Yourself - you don't have to be their best friends but you do need to be their best partner.

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