3 ways you can get MORE organic traffic by using SEO

The 3 Pillars of SEO with Harrison Proffitt

Founder of Bungii talks about the 3 ways you can get more business using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized areas of online marketing in most small businesses. In 2017, everyone is able to appreciate the huge potential for website traffic and sales that come with ranking well on Google. Even so, boosting a website is complicated and mysterious enough that most business owners often either settle for alternate methods or outsource. Outsourcing can feel risky when exact ROI is hard to predict, technical expertise seems to be required to even visit with “professionals,” and there’s no time to learn. Good news, SEO can be simpler than you think.

3 Pillars of SEO

  1. Title Tags and Keywords are a huge part of getting your website found. You need to think about what people enter into Google Search when looking for your product or service. This includes individual words as well as “long tail keywords.” Long tail keywords are short phrases that someone might search. For example, Bentz Creative might use “event video production in Kansas City” as a long tail keyword. Thinking of these terms can be difficult. Therefore, we would recommend a keyword search tool such as A. Google Adwords or B. SEM Rush. A lot of services have a free trial that is sufficient for the majority of your initial research.

  2. External Links are the second pillar to work on when boosting your website’s ranking. This is done by identifying a list of organizations that share your specific target market and asking them to link your website to theirs. This builds a “digital tunnel” that can be used to generate massive amounts of qualified traffic to your products and services. It takes an effort to consistently reach out to organizations but the compounding traffic to your website will be well worth it. Additionally, this builds credibility and trust between your site and Google. Organic + Linked Traffic = More Customers.

  3. The third pillar of SEO is Original Content. This consists of fresh photos, blogs, and video on a regular basis. The main focus here is consistency. Don’t make content creation too complicated or overwhelming. Start small and always keep your customer in mind. One of the biggest mistakes we see at Bentz Creative is businesses making content all about them. Always give, give, give, to your audience before you ask from them. Content Marketing is about relationships, not short campaigns or frequent calls to action. Google loves consistent content containing vital keywords but always remember, Google isn’t going to be buying your service.

Focusing on these 3 Pillars of SEO will powerfully position you above your competitors and bring in new customers with increasing momentum. SEO and Content Marketing are mid and long-term goals. That's alright. Better to have $10 tomorrow than $1 today. Just get started.

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