How to Create Great Corporate Video with Just an iPhone

Your Message on Your Customer’s Screen

Everyone wants that awesome video that can encompass the power of their product’s benefits in a quick and clear message. Years of experience in any industry will build rich industry knowledge and an understanding of market gaps. Often, the barrier is not in following those gaps or even offering competitive solutions, it’s cutting through the “noise.” How can your prospects “get it” amongst a world that screams, “I have the answer!”? Glad you asked.

In 2017, everyone gets that added stimuli through combined audio and visual surpasses that of motionless claims. When everyone else is still, the man on the move is just that much more noticeable. In the early 2000’s we saw a trend to create major productions with all the elephants, dancing girls, and jets. However, with the high cost of producing such films, many companies were forced to transition to consistent content over bells and whistles. If I was to use a boxing metaphor, I might say something like, “10 jabs leaves more impact that 1 hook.” The hook is strong, the hook has it’s place, but you can forget about a hook. Jabs just keep coming. You’re reminded, you’re reminded, you’re reminded. Until one day, you have the problem that fits that ever-prominent solution.

6 Tips for Rockstar iPhone Videography

Don’t let your customers forget about you. Be consistent. Everyone in your office has a camera on their phone. Here’s how to use it like a pro content-marketer

1. Always be sure to use the camera located on the back of your phone. Selfies are tempting but the difference in overall quality is significant. You may have to get a co-worker to hold the phone for you but the difference in perceived professionalism is worth it.

Iphone 6 7 Corporate Video

2. The goal of these more simple interview clips is to pass along educational pieces in digestible bites. To keep your messages engaging, we would recommend that you use what is called a mid-frame shot. A mid-frame shot consists of positioning the subject within the frame so that their waste meets the bottom of your screen. This will help you find the right balance of zoom.

Framing your shot
Framing your shot - Content Marketing

3. Wipe your lense with a cotton rag or shirt so that the picture is without smudges and as clear as possible. No need to worry about scratches as Apple uses sapphire glass on their iPhone camera lenses.

Clean Camera Iphone 5 6 7
Content marketing for beginners

4. While filming, be sure to hold the camera as steady as possible. Use a rest if necessary but don’t risk breaking the viewer’s concentration with ill-timed shakes.

Not Completed Vinyl LF-9.jpg

. Next, check for ambient background noises such as refrigerators, office chit-chat, and air conditioners. Roughly 30% of the population has an auditory learning style. So don’t miss this added impact.

6. Most importantly, look for good lighting. Natural is best and will set you apart from a great many amateur productions. The results might surprise you. 

Not Completed Vinyl LF-8.jpg
Not Completed Vinyl LF-4.jpg

That’s it! Be consistent, be generous with your information, and always be friendly. You will be amazed at the number of relationships you can nurture without ever walking out the door!