You can do it! 3 ways you can easily make a stellar audio recording with your iPhone.

Content marketing is more important today than ever before. That means that regardless of what business you’re in, you are going to need videos, pictures and blog content to engage your target audience.  One stumbling block that many content creators face is the dreaded video project, namely, the audio portion of that project. The reality is that people will deal with poor video quality, but they will not stick around for bad audio. The knee jerk reaction to bad audio is often to spend a small fortune on microphones, condensers and audio editing software. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the answer! Read on for five ways that you can make crisp, quality and professional audio tracks using just your iPhone.

1. Assess background noise


    This may be the most important step you take. Pick the quietest place in your building or home and assess the noises you hear. Try closing your eyes and focusing on the background- is there an air conditioner running? Can you hear traffic coming from outside? Are people being noisy around you? If you answered yes to any of these, it may mean you should pick a different spot. Try to go somewhere where you can close the door and make sure all of the ambient noise you don’t usually notice is eliminated.

2. Pick your recording application.

You may use the “voice memos” app that comes preloaded on your device, but there are also plenty of recording applications available through Apple’s app store. Test a few out and see which application you like the best- pay special attention to the user friendliness of the app and make sure to listen back to a few takes before choosing your favorite.

3. Position your iPhone


Ensure that you are facing (down) at your phone and that the device is 16-24 inches from your mouth. Placing the phone too close to the audio source can cause, “clipping” or give a muffled sound. Placing it too far away can make the audio sound too ambient and can make things difficult for your consumer to hear. Place the iPhone on the table in front of you and sit down. Holding it or placing it on a soft surface can create more muffled sounds or uneven volume. Make sure it is in one, stationary spot.


Make a test recording and play it back with nice headphones (to ensure quality). If something sounds off, examine your recording “setup”, reevaluate, and try again! If you’re having trouble after a few takes, ask a coworker to examine your setup and try again!

5. Articulate

Even the best audio recording set up can’t fix poor delivery! When delivering your message, make sure to articulate. Focus on consonants and keep the volume of your voice as consistent as possible. It is wise to make a few takes and listen back after each time, so you can hear the spots where your delivery may be lacking!

You can do it! Employ these steps, and you will be well on your way to creating professional-sounding audio tracks for your corporate videos, social media marketing tools, interviews, or whatever else your business needs to keep its content marketing top notch! Good luck!