Content Marketing Videos

"Quick-hitter videos for your social campaign."


Video Production Kansas City

  • Corporate overview and business identity video production.

  • Customer testimonial videos

  • Promotional and advertising videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Lead Nurturing Videos

Bentz Creative uniquely offers video packages for a wide selection of business sizes and business needs. Content Marketing Video Production package allows our customers to create highly professional content while keeping to a low budget.

Typically these types of videos include people talking in front of the camera while they explain a product, service, blog topic, internal process, or something else!

Our pro-level video marketing team will happily guide you as you from concept to delivery.

Once a plan has been decided upon, we will schedule a video shoot on location at your place of business as soon as possible.

Video editing and post production is very simple for this video package.  Often times, videos in this lower-tiered package can be edited within two weeks depending on the customer request.

We like to move fast, and we are sure you do too! So get in touch with us today!

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