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Hello! My name is Alex Bentzinger, thanks for taking a look at the site. I have been in the business of making videos my entire life. I can even recall selling seven dollar homemade DVD's of my school's drama performances when I was in third grade. 

I define success as being in a place where one can be sustainably happy. By that definition, I am the most successful person in the world. I think this is because of my deep love for making videos as well as my commitment to my company's mission. All I want to do with my entire life is apply my skills towards the good of those around me. I will continue to strive to achieve that goal until my days are over, I'm sure of it. 


bentz creative

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Founded in 2015, Bentz Creative is a video and film production company that serves businesses who are looking to apply custom high quality video to their online and offline marketing presence.


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-Company Tagline-

Be louder than yesterday.


-Company Mission-

To enact positive social change through the use of film.